This is Dr. Bob Schihl’s adult faith formation distance education teaching site. This ministry of Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Virginia Beach is your online access to in-depth instruction on Catholic adult formation topics.

The courses are designed not only to be interesting and informative in themselves, but to also become for you a trial experience to study on-line. I want you to see how easy it is to study by yourself, at your own pace, when you have time, with no tuition costs, no classes to go to, no texts to buy, no examinations and no grading (remember when you once thought you would learn more at school if you could study what you wanted and do it by yourself?) This is that opportunity. Give us a try.

Each course consists of one or more videos and a PowerPoint slide presentation. Some courses also have documents.

When I taught in person, I usually created classes in a two-hour time frame (with or without a break!). To make my new online presentations in two hour blocks would be unreasonable. So now I break the presentations up into shorter units. It is also convenient for you to be able to stop my presentation (e.g., to take a phone call, answer a doorbell, etc.) and then to start it and continue. It is also very convenient for you to replay a portion of the presentation or re-view the entire presentation.


So click on the Courses tab above and start learning about your faith at your own pace!