Family Relationships of Jesus

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We know that Jesus was born into a real human family. Just as we were. Who are these people? What do we know about them? This class addresses the serious question whether Jesus had other blood "brothers and sisters" who would also be children of His Blessed Mother, Mary. Then, was Mary a virgin after the birth of Jesus? We will look at the question with the eyes of Catholic believers and we will make our argument using the New Testament of the Bible exclusively.

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Beginning Bible

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Because God left His Word for us, it goes without saying that He intended that we read and understand what He wishes to reveal to us. This class will offer the essential background to the Bible that helps us understand what God would have us know. This includes its origins (where did the Bible come from), who wrote it, when was it written, what kind of literature is it, where did the collection we use (called the "canon") come from, by whose authority, why are there two lists of the Old Testament canon, what about translations of the bible, what aids are there to reading and understanding it, etc. This class will answer these questions and many more.

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Mary: Mother of Jesus and Mother of God

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There are probably no more frequently asked questions, more skeptical attitude towards, more critical and disbelieving remarks, and no more ignorance even among our own faithful than the topic of Mary and the dogmas we hold regarding her. There are probably no more wrong beliefs and devotional accesses in the practice of the Church than those that focus on Mary. There are also superstitions, extreme and unreasonable teachings, excessive devotions, etc. It is dogmas about Mary that also create a most formidable barrier to other Christians towards the Church and conversion. What does the Church teach about Mary? This class will cover all but only what the Church teaches and approves about Mary.

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History of The Mass

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In 2011, the English-speaking church of the United States began praying the Mass in a new English translation. This prompts questions concerning the history and development of the Mass of the Roman Rite. Even if we are speaking of simply a new translation for the Mass, how does this differ from the Mass of Pope St Pius V (The Tridentine Mass), the Mass of Pope Paul VI (Novus Ordo), to say nothing of the Last Supper? This series systematically addresses all the prominent stages of the development of the Mass and explains not only the valid and legitimate aspects of the Eucharist but also all the changes throughout history that the Roman Rite Mass went through. You will not look at the Mass the same way again after this class!

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Catholic Biblical Apologetics

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This class serves as a survey of the origin and development of Roman Catholic Christianity from the period of the apostolic church, through the post apostolic church and into the conciliar movement. Principal attention is paid to the biblical basis of both doctrine and dogma as well as the role of paradosis, i.e., handing-on the truth, in the history of the Church. Using a strong scriptural foundation, this course orients viewers to the biblical origins of the Roman Catholic Church, its history, its organization, its doctrinal development, and its sacramental and devotional life. Viewers wishing to know the teachings of the Catholic Church from its own believers will find this an exhilarating experience.

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The Church: the Series

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People have a variety of concepts in mind when the word "church" is mentioned-everything from a building, a specific congregation, a denomination, as well as a universal collection of like believers. When Jesus said in Matthew's Gospel that on Peter He "would build His church" what was it He had in mind? This course will come as close to what He had in mind as is possible. We will cover "the church" from its origins and foundation, from its constitution, hierarchy, primacy within, to the papacy, the "True Church", from a visible, juridical society to the Body of Christ. We will also look at qualities of the Church as indefectibility and infallibility. We will distinguish between the Vatican and the Church. Finally, the question most perplexing to people who do not understand it is what of salvation outside the Church?

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